PowerGen Wind Power Plant

The PowerGen Wind Power Plant is a 10MW power plant in Uppudaluwa, Kalpitiya. A joint venture company with Orient Green Power Limited ( a subsidiary of Shriram Group of India ( company has already signed the SPPA (Standardized Power Purchase Agreement) with the (CEB) and received all required approvals to commence project implementation. The company signed an agreement with the Board of Investment (BOI) in August 2010 plant construction work will commence in September 2010 and we expect to connect to the National Grid by June 2011.

The Plant configuration is 7 x 1.5 Mw LTW 77-1.5 Leitner Shriram Wind Turbines ( The Leitner turbine is a patented permanent magnet based synchronous generator.

The project will contribute 26.28 GWh annually to the national grid. The quantum of renewable energy thus produced would save about 5,000 MT of diesel to generate an equivalent amount of energy from thermal power generation per year. In addition it will cut down about 20,000 MT of carbon dioxide emissions per annum. iIt will save about Rs. 438 million per annum with sweet diesel at Rs. 73/liter. At the same time, it will reduce the diesel imports by 5,000 MT saving US$ 3.65 million per annum.