Vidatamunai Wind Power Plant


Based on on the policy guidelines of the Government,we obtained a license in October 2008 to set up commercial scale grid connected wind power plant of 20MW capacity. Two joint venture companies were formed namely Seguwantivu Wind Power (Pvt.) Ltd and Vidatamunai Wind Power (Pvt.) Ltd as SPV's with each company owning 10MW's. The equity shareholders the companies are a consortium of Sri Lankan Investors including Akbar Brothers and Hirdaramani Group. Akbar Brothers is the World's No. 1 Tea Exporter with substantial investments in hydro power and many other areas whilst the Hirdaramani Group is one of the largest garment exporters in Sri Lanka with diversified investments in packaging and tourism. De-bug Computers and Star Packaging are also in this consortium of Investors.

The Plant configuration of this project is 25 x 800 kW Gamesa AE59 wind turbine generators. (Gamesa is worlds number two in manufacturing wind turbines and their equipment is fitted with the latest technology). A central control station, two indoor switch yards - each 10 MW, 1kV/33kV transformers and an administration building has been built in the Mullipuram village. The generated power is transmitted to the national grid via 14.7 km long 33 kV concrete pole transmission line built up to the Puttalam Grid Sub-station at Kalladi.

The project will contribute 52.56 GWh annually to the national grid. The quantum of renewable energy thus produced would save about 10,000 MT of Diesel to generate equivalent amount of energy from thermal power generation per year. In addition to that it will cut down about 40,000 MT of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere per annum. Also, it will save about Rs. 876 million per annum with sweet diesel at Rs. 73/liter. At the same time it will reduce the diesel imports by 10,000 MT saving 7.3 million USD per annum.

Plant Design and Land Usage


The wind power plant is constructed in the form of an elongated rectangle of length 3.2 km by width of 50m oriented roughly in the North-West direction. The layout of WTG's is shown in Figure I.


Figure I:The Turbine layout with Gamesa AE-59


Present Status


Construction of the project commenced in August 2009. The transportation of turbine components was one of our biggest challenges, since each blade was of 30m length and the top tower section was 33m in length. Specialized trailers were imported to transport these items to the site. Also, all the power lines and telephone lines had to be permanently raised to a height of 19ft from Colombo up to Puttalam.

The erection of each WTG needs three cranes a 230 Ton Lattice Crane with a 110m boom, a 60 Ton Crane and a 10 Ton Crane.These cranes were also imported

We have successfully commissioned the first 10MW's in May 2010 and the balance 10MW was commissioned in June 2010. The Plants are now producing energy ahead of schedule. A photo of the completed project is shown below as Figure II.


Figure II: Seguwanthivu and Vidathamunai Wind Farm with the Sunset and Salt Farms